Reading Challenge Update #2

This update should have happened about 2 weeks ago, but at least it’s happening. The next bullet to mark off my list was the ‘Science Fiction Novel’. For this category, I chose Dune by Frank Herbert, as it is generally referred to as the pinnacle of science fiction literature. Many of my friends also recommended this book to me, one of them even claiming it was is favorite. Needless to say, I had high expectations going into Dune.


For the most part, I wasn’t disappointed. From the beginning, one can tell that the main character, Paul, is going to be part of an epic journey. I was first struck by the characters of Paul and his mother, Jessica. Their unique talents made them interesting characters to follow. However, I think the biggest draw to this story, for me, anyway, was Herbert’s world building ability. The story has a fully developed ecosystem that greatly affects the plot, as well as many different cultural groups, each with their own religion and ideals. It was also interesting to see how the environment and the different cultures affected the characters, as well as how the characters affected the environment and the culture. Overall, it felt like a realistic dynamic between humans and their environment.

I don’t want to go too much into plot detail because the story starts very quickly, so there’s not much I can say without giving too much away. As my boyfriend remarked, “The plot thickens very quickly.” However, I can say that if you enjoy intergalactic politics, environmental issues, or prophesies, you will probably enjoy Dune.

Other notes:
-Dune is the first book of a series (six total). However, Dune is a stand-alone novel, as well. Personally, I doubt I’ll read any other books in the series, just because Dune was a bit dense and I liked where the story ended.
-I wouldn’t recommend the movie Dune to anyone, so I’d steer clear of that. I haven’t seen it, but after reading the book, I think it would be hard to do the story any justice in movie form. Especially since the movie was made in 1984.